Nicky Vere-Compton and Luke Harrower: Can’t Get The Meds

03/07/2024 @ Aces and Eights Saloon Bar
Doors: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Entry

Work-in-progress show from…

Nicky Vere-Compton and Luke Harrower: Can’t Get the Meds (WIP)


1982 – caught between mum’s prison ship and dad’s flying saucer, 11 year old Nicky’s looking for escape. Should they sing baritone and become god? Or run away to “Rentaghost”, home of freaks and fools? Can a short fat autistic queer ever escape childhood?

Through alternative stand-up and musical comedy, Nicky Vere-Compton spins wild, magical and very funny coming of age tales.

“The fabulously irrepressible Nicky Vere-Compton, a one-person fairground attraction of sumptuous silliness and Rent-a-Ghost realness.” (Kyle Wallace G&B Comedy)

 “Nicky is a rare gem of surrealist comedy.” (multi award-winning comedian, Stephen Catling)

“Fabulous and fucking funny” (Andrew O’Neill)


Luke Harrower brings an infectious energy to the stage, and his unique style makes him an incredibly original, but accessible act. If you like fast paced gags from someone lively and friendly, you’ll enjoy him.

“Incredible stage presence.” -Fat Theo

“He researches his jokes well and is both entertaining, witty & educational.” -Gordana Micic (Groovie Comedy)

“He’ll do well in the industry.” -Notts Comedy Review

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