02/11/2024 - 03/11/2024 @ Aces and Eights Saloon Bar
Doors: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
Price: £12

A Halloween entertainment featuring Vampire Cabaret from Nigel
Osner, music by The Blues Ghosts featuring Steve Somerset and
Anya Hamilton plus fiendish rhythms to dance the night away.

Break out the most ghostly garments from your wardrobe and
join the children of the night on Saturday 2nd November. 8-1am

Once a practising barrister, then with the Ministry of
Justice, Nigel Osner is now a writer, lyricist, actor and
performer. He has appeared at Edinburgh and other Fringes. The
Scotsman described him as: ‘tremendously talented and very
entertaining’. He is the author of ‘Magic in Ravenswood’
(Heinemann) which he adapted into a musical with music by BB
Cooper, premiered in London in 2002/3. His fantasy novel
‘worldoflegends.com’ is available on Amazon etc.

Anya Hamilton and Steve Somerset first played together at the
Soho Theatre for New York Comedian Dave Hill’s acclaimed
Caveman In A Spaceship run of shows in May 2024. A musical
bond was forged and they continue to work together on various
projects. Anya also plays drums in The Groove Rats as well as
sitting in on some of the hottest jams around town. Steve has
written and recorded three albums under the banner of The
Haven Green. The latest of which is called Dreamers In A
Dreamless World which was released on Billywitch Records in
May 2024.

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