25/02/2023 @ Aces and Eights Saloon Bar
Doors: 8:00 pm - 11:45 pm
Price: £9 advance
Soulful evening with Georgia Crandon, The Jo-Jo & The Teeth Trio & ELI!!

Georgia Crandon:
Georgia’s wearing her classic black combat boots, raging red locks are framing her face. She’s wearing shades, but it’s already dark in here, the spotlight can be glaring.

She’s ready for her next performance. The stage is set.

Georgia combines her love of vintage style and raw vocals to produce powerful and provocative tracks with a retro flair.

The Jo-Jo & The Teeth Trio:
Cabaret Version of Jo-Jo & The Teeth’s full tilt, Blues Rooted, Glamorous Art Rock’N’Roll outfit. A rare performance as a more laid back three piece, 2 guitars & 3 voices… The same hard hitting songs off their debut album ‘No More Good News’.

Alternative singer, songwriter and musician who combines ethereal harmonic vocals, melodic guitar riffs and syncopated beats to form her own distinctive sound.
Drawing inspiration from Indie, Soul, Trip Hop and Afro-Pop genres, ELI’s music carries a prominent intercultural weight that lends itself delicately to her playing style, pairing her deep sonorous vocal tones with rhythmically charged grounding melodies, she sits in her own unique style.
Her productions feature distinct raw percussive beats, plucky guitar licks and often convey themes of empowerment, transformation and self-reflection.
ELI is a force in her own right, continuing to build a fanbase of engaging listeners, captivated by her resonant and refreshing musical aesthetic.
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