Folk & Roots Present Emma Scarr + Clair Coupland

28/06/2023 @ Aces and Eights Saloon Bar
Doors: 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

“Her silky voice has a rich and compassionate tone, a voice with unwavering power and strength”-The Permanent Rain Press

“Coupland delivers a highly professional, and astonishingly polished production with both a powerful and tender delivery” -Americana UK

A Vancouver Islander at heart, now a Toronto dwelling singer songwriter, Claire Coupland effortlessly pulls her audience into her personal world of love and life experiences, but always with a touch of her “wicked sense of humour” (Rik Emmett, Triumph). Influenced by folk/rock artists growing up and a degree in Contemporary Music performance, she blends her own style of intricate guitar playing and jazz influenced melodies, progressions and arrangements.

Emma Scarr is an urban folk and country singer/songwriter from East London

Emma Scarr sings songs that inspired me were those that told the stories of ordinary people in ordinary situations that captured everyday experience. The sort of stories that are familiar and all around us, lovingly crafted into a poem or song in simple language with unflinching honesty. Songs that remind us that our stories are anything but mundane or unimportant – they are expressions of our times and our realities, our struggles and our joys. I use simple chord structures, instrumental parts and tunes because that’s what I can play! An honest, raw singing voice is what I think makes a song moving and authentic, sung in one’s own accent!

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