Karl Schultz
Karl Schultz
Tuesday 29th October 2019 @ Aces And Eights Bar
Doors 8:30 PM - £5.00
Third Culture (Super Early Preview)
Karl Schultz returns for a super early preview of his first show since 2015 and first as his brand new character: Karl Schultz.

Harry Hill's One Watch Radiotimes Christmas Edition 2012 (He was wrong)

Third Culture Kids is a term coined to describe children raised in a culture different to their parents'.

The Son of A Preacher Man, Karl followed his Salvation Army ministers parents to Bangladesh and Ghana in his childhood and by the time of this first preview, they will have moved back to Ghana, leaving their son to contemplate more than ever who and where he identifies with and what, if anything, from his upbringing shapes his identity today.

Entry is Free & Pay What You Want at the end or you can buy a ticket from the link to follow to show your support.

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