Artrocker presents: Artrocker Club Night SPECIAL

Artrocker Club Night
The Jackson Pollock
Artrocker Presents

Wednesday 9th October 2019
@ Aces And Eights Bar

Doors: 07:30:00
£5 adv

Legendary Club Night ***SPECIAL***



+ Dead Horse

Stu Plimsoles + Paul Artrocker DJs

£5 adv / £7 door Tickets

7.30PM - 11PM

Artrocker Club Night »
Legendary alternative club night, magazine and radio show.

The Jackson Pollock »
A Lo-fi / Garage / Punk Explosion on the WWNBB Collective - Analog relics... for an electric-freestanding brainchild, intimately distorted.

Or as they say... We are just two people who started a band not 'cause it's cool, but 'cause we felt it too bad... So we won't bother you about how we met, what we eat, what are our favorite colors, other "famous" bands/people we know, what happens if you put a mentos in a fuel tank; don't expect something polished, we make it RAW 'n' LOUD! While playing our music, the more you feel getting hit, the more we are loving you!!

Instead of pursuing a fake hi-quality in our recordings, we like to keep it real in an old Lo-Fi fashion, using all sorts of junk we stumble on (like our beloved Tascam 488 cassette recorder); after all, every song comes out following an internal stream, schemeless from unknown instruments amplified by post-war P.A. tube amps, distorted by modded homemade stompboxes.

We don't really know what we are playing or singing or doing in general, but we do it... ...'cause that's too much fun!!

Sounds perfectly full fathom FIVE!

Dai-X »
Conceived in the fuzzy waters of Southend On Sea, 3 nomads now collectively known as Dai -X emerge from a spurious past of sonic mayhem to reap their new wonky brand of atonal pleasure upon those susceptible to such unwieldy sounds - Proto punk-Art Rock-Math rock

Brand new garage punk three-piece from North London

Artrocker Presents »
Legendary alternative club night, magazine and radio show


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