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Aces and Eights: Can't Feel Love - Cale Tyson (Aces & Eights Bar, London. 2015)
Andy Storey
Monday 9th August 2021 at Aces & Eights »
Awkwardian – Snapshots from an awkward life.

Are you socially awkward like me ? Do you worry about your reaction face when someone else is talking? Do you use your partner as a human shield at a social gathering?

Then come out and join a fellow Awkwardian me (Andy Storey – BBC Comedy Awards Finalist, Nationwide ‘Yoga’ Advert, BGT at The London Palladium fame) as I share with you vivid snap shots from my awkward existence. “Journey into a misanthropic and anxious past Andy’s delicious slant on social encounters is a wicked quagmire of self-mortification. ” To put it simply, every time I leave the house, or meet another human person something inevitably goes cringe!

Expect Stand-up Comedy in an inclusive and relaxed environment.

“Andy Storey is so dry he is arid..Better than a bottle of Pinot.” SU POLLARD

“Determinedly low-key..Storey boasts style and charm..Truly funny.” ED FEST MAG

“A wistful Alan Bennet quality.” THE HERALD

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